WorkAnywhere – Covid19

Support businesses and users in homeworking transitions

Our objective in these hard times is to reduce the economical and financial effects on businesses especially corporates and SMB who did not plan for any disastrous scenario such as the ones we are currently living.  We will help our clients continue their operations and sustain their business by adopting Homeworking in a cost effective and efficient manner without compromising the security.

Such a transformation will usually require long time to adopt, however with the help of the prepared adoption online materialand our support team, the users will quickly adopt to the new change and resume their activities from anywhere and using any device.

Different teams will be mobilized for the help of our clients; the Architects for design decisions, the engineering team for the deployment, the support team and the managed services team to insure the adoption and backend operation, and the project management team to insure the flow of activities.

To insure swift and proper transformation for Homeworking, the proposed approach consists of different phases including Information Gathering, Analysis, Deployment and adoption, and Support.

Architects Teams : Insure the suitable design and approach, and supervise the deployment quality and adoption.

Field Engineers Team : Deliver the deployment and user onboarding for homeworking practices

Support Team : Available to assist in resolving any problem encountered after the deployment.

Managed services Team : Manages the new environment and hands it over to the client’s IT team once ready

Project Managers Team : Insure the flow of activities and availability of engineers and resources.

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Our Approach

Our approach does not focus on communication tools only, but rather covers all the components to have a successful and work-from-anywhere experience and be able to securely access the business applications and data.

Information Gathering Action

Gather information about the existing infrastructure, applications, users and challenges.

Analysis and decision

Analyze the information gathered and propose option. Decide on the most suitable solutions and insure readiness.

Deployment and Adoption

Deployment of the proposed solutions and insure the proper function of the operation.

Support and services

Provide different level of support for the users and businesses. Manage the new environment and insure its proper function.

Why WorkAnyWhere?

Securely connect remote users to enterprise network without compromising network security using VPN concentrators and Application procy
Provide users with access to work using either a personal or corporate desktop, laptop, or mobile device

Secure users’ identities and remote connections to company resources using the MFA of Azure AD.
Secure and control access to internal or cloud applications using Azure AD conditional access

Secure the Data to prevent any data leak, unauthorized access, or misuse
Secure remote users’ endpoints by continuously monitoring them with “Windows Defender ATP” to make sure that client enterprise and network are safe

Provide access from home to business applications and user desktops using Windows Virtual Desktop or Citrix on azure
Migrate your critical Data and applications to Azure and provide secure access to all your remote users from anywhere using any device

Provide users with a cloud intranet portal to better communicate internal information, share files, and operate using Microsoft Office Apps
Provide a communication platform for the users to communicate with powerful features such as IM, calls, video calls, conference calls, document sharing and co-authoring using TEAMS