Managed cloud backup solution for hybrid workloads

Organizations must ensure that critical data is protected and always available. While many companies may back up their assets themselves, the backup may not be consistent or reliable or their IT staff may not have enough time to validate and ensure the backup jobs are properly working. This creates potential for a gap in information should something happen. In addition,it is critical for a company to know that all documents, files, and important data are backed up off-site in case something were to happen to the physical location. The solution to this is having a managed cloud-based data backup solution. Growing businesses often find that they save time and money by contracting with the right managed services partner; also, cloud backup ensures data will always be available because of the high resiliency found on cloud platforms.

With Anticipate, we ensure your data is kept safe and secure with automatic and consistent backups. Our team takes care of configuring your backup jobs, checking to make sure files are not corrupted, monitoring your backups, optimizing your data usage, and validating the restores to make sure backed up data will be available when you need it.

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Why Anticipate?

Consolidating your backup strategy to a single solution supporting different vendors and integrating with existing technologies reduces operational costs and efficiencies. With our solution, the cost is predictable. You pay only for storage you used and we provide tools that help in optimizing the size of your backed-up data and selecting only data you need.

With agentless architecture support for backup and restore, the protection of on premise virtual images is fast and easy. Anticipate also easily incorporates cloud storage into the backup strategy and has out of the box

Using an integrated file governance solution, we allow you to assess the value of your information assets and make informed information protection and deletion choices. Data is classified based on age, ownership, and access, which allows us to develop policies to optimize backup size by eliminating outdated data or providing additional protection for sensitive data.

Get granular restore at VM, file, folder and VMDK level with instant and fast recovery for multiple VMs. Reliable point in time recovery for servers, data and
applications. Scheduled non- disruptive rehearsals of data recovery are performed to test recovery process.

Protects and recovers O365 emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, OneDrive files and Sharepoint sites with granular search and restore. Support for other SaaS like Gsuite and Salesforce.