Managed security services based on Microsoft Azure to protect assets and data from cyberattacks

Organizations must focus on increased data protection requirements and address dynamic threats to privacy and security, while embracing digital transformation. Today, many organizations find that the best way to achieve these goals is through a cloud service provider. IT and business leaders need a trusted partner with the right technologies and processes to build on cloud services and increase business agility while taking the necessary steps to secure data and protect assets across the enterprise.

Mitigate provides a collection of integrated services for our customers to help protect and secure their business assets while reducing costs, complexity, and management overhead. Building on the principles of security, we are providing a managed services approach for organizations to cover major areas in data protection and security, workload threat protection and detection, identity protection and security, and device management and security. Customers can opt for different levels of security from the provided plans and our experienced team will take care of managing and administering the operations to help them improve their security posture for their cloud or hybrid assets.

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Why Mitigate?

Continuous security assessment for your O365, M365, Azure and on premise resources, as well as comprehensive cybersecurity assessment for your environment with scheduled reports, scoring, and recommendations

Information protection for azure and on premise data as well as data that moves across third party cloud applications. Discovery, manual or automatic classification of sensitive data with automatic protection and data loss prevention policies.

Identity & access management offering SSO to cloud or on premise web applications and dynamic access control. Secure access to corporate resources through conditional access based on intelligent rules integrated with multiple security and threat detection products. Ensure identity related threats are detected for cloud or on premise accounts.

Device and Application Management ensures devices are compliant and threat-free before accessing corporate resources. Publish and manage applications as well as establish Company Portal and Stores. Endpoint protection integration to protect devices against malwares and known threats. Cloud solution with possible integration with on premise.

Workload Threat Protection provides continuous assessment and recommendations for azure and on premise VMs as well as on-going threat protection and detection. Actions taken based on recommendations to protect Windows or Linux machines. Compliance dashboards that show risk levels and recommendations.