Collaboration tools to automate processes and enhance user productivity.

As part of a company’s journey in digital transformation, modernizing and automating the internal processes and providing the right tools to employees is an essential task.

Collaborate offers solutions that empower the employees enabling them to complete their work more efficiently.

Collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint Online provide a persistent workplace that combines chat, video meetings, file storage and file collaboration, integrated process management, and workflow automation.

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Why Collaborate?

Scheduled reviews, different review types, 360 degree feedback, notifications, review templates, analytics.

Branding and design, company events, newsletter, surveys and polls, organization chart, etc…

Automation of leave requests: automatic balance calculation, approvals, notifications, tracking, reports and summary.

Rollout, adoption, add-ons and custom development

Budget request, purchase request, approval, budget calculation, notifications, summary, Analytics, and reports

Request, logistics, booking, expenses, approvals, notifications, summary and reports. Integration with leave request.